Call for Abstracts

We are currently inviting abstract submissions for the 2021 River Symposium that contextualize scientific research in terms of how local freshwater systems are affected by global challenges, both the pressures and responses. We welcome all scientific work related to river and freshwater ecosystems. In addition to selecting the most appropriate session for your research, please also indicate which threats are considered appropriate: #climate change; #pollution; #invasive species; #exploitation; #land use change. We welcome submissions for any one of our four sessions:

Living Waters: Environmental change 

Identifying and assessing challenges related to water quality, water levels and flow, river runoff, productivity, emerging contaminants and eDNA.

Footprints: Freshwater Habitats 

Landscapes and land use ecological impacts on ecosystems including wetlands, restoration, sediments, habitats: mapping & change.

All things small: Food web ecology and resilience 

Lower food web, including phytoplankton, zooplankton, community composition, food chain dynamics and key species.

All things great: Fish biology and biodiversity 

Upper food web including fish and fisheries management, biodiversity, species at risk.

Please submit your abstract using the form below:

Deadline for submissions: September 1, 2021

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Poster Requirements: English / French
Photos, videos and live social media stories will be taken at this event and used for promotional and marketing purposes on social media, print and digital. Please contact us to make arrangements if you do not consent.

Thank-you for your submission. Our selection committee will contact you with the final symposium schedule. For more information, please contact:

Georgia Bock

RAP Coordinator
River Institute
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